Supported by Notarius

Who is Notarius?

Solutions Notarius Inc. ("Notarius") is my current employer.  I am a member of the management team as VP Digital Transformation. Notarius helps professionals, companies and governments unlock their digital transformation by empowering them to create and verify legally reliable electronic documents. More information on Notarius can be found in this document, in the Notarius web site and in the Notarius e-signature platform.

Who creates the content?

I plan, draft, create and publish all the content on this site, except for blog posts written by guest bloggers. Those posts are clearly identified.  A native anglophone proofreads my English because English is not my first language - I am from la belle province and la langue de Molière is more my forte...

I also create all the content for my infographics. A graphical designer brings the content to life.

Please note that all the opinions expressed on this site - and the errors - are mine and my responsibility alone.

Who pays what for this site?

I am grateful that my colleagues on the management team (CEO Claude Charpentier, CFO Nathalie Denis, COO Patrick Drolet et VP Sales & Marketing Marc St-Jacques) are supportive of my desire to build and develop this site. I thank Notarius for financially supporting this site (hosting, infographics support, text review and web site related expenses).