The Map of Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation sure is a vast topic. Many people (including me) find it challenging to know where to start and where to anchor foundation for action. When faced with uncertainty, one needs a Map. Digital Transformation is not different.

I believe it is possible to put on a single canvas (the "Map") a simple, actionable framework to empower digital transformation executives, advocates and policy advisors to be effective and efficient at planning, leading, assessing and optimizing digital transformation. Ah yes - I think digital transformation and digital disruption are different, please see their respective definitions (digital transformation / digital disruption) and let me know if you agree, or not!

After a ten years absence, I am resuming today an online presence to join the digital transformation great conversation. I look forward to reconnect with old friends who were present when web 2.0 started (notably Dion Hinchcliffe and Jeremiah Owyang) and to make new ones. 

I aim to contribute in these ways:

  • Build & maintain a Digital Transformation Map and keep it published on this site. The first version will be published in April 2018 after I have had a chance to build and publish the initial content;
  • Build & maintain a Digital Transformation Glossary of Terms and keep it published on this site;
  • Offering quality digital transformation content to senior executives, advocates and policy advisors;
  • Offering a no fee / no ad / no commercial bimonthly (6 times per year) Newsletter as an easy journey of learning subscription;
  • Blogging! On various digital transformation topics, including interviews, spotlights and trends analysis - the Blog is here on this site.

I am also letting go of my former @g2tt Twitter handle (I will delete the account in the coming weeks) and resuming Tweeting with the new handle @digitransfo if you would like to keep in touch that way.

If you want to learn more about my background and my story with information and digital transformation, please feel free to visit About Me

Have a great day!

Note: I wish to credit Aja Nicole Edmond and, in particular, her Personal Branding Weekend Challenge that I completed a few weeks ago. If you are in need to stop, step back, breath and figure out who you are and how you want to contribute professionally, I found the exercise to be very enlightening. I needed it to get back on track. Thank you Aja!