The 2005-2006 Information Management Now Blog

In 2005, the read-writable web, software as a service (SaaS), blogs, wikis and RSS feeds were fairly new. I started a blog on Information Management which tied neatly with my lifelong interestsThe blog was titled Information Management Now. Fast forward to 2017. I am resuming an online presence after more than ten years of absence. In doing so, I thought it would be fitting to bridge the old with the new so I curated my old blog and imported the few following posts from the old blog.

[former 2005 blog] Inaugural Post - Information Management Now!

In 2005, when blogs were still relatively new, I started a blog on Information Management. This inspiration for that blog was summarized in this head note:

So much stuff on information management, content management, information technology, data management, records management, library management... But how does it all come together? Where to find an "Information Management Body of Knowledge"? (IMBOK)

For the sake of continuity, I am importing here a few posts from that old blog to give my readers a sense of continuity from the old Information Management paradigm to the new Digital Transformation paradigm.

Here follows the inaugural "Information Management Now" post.