Digital transformation is a deliberate set of efforts aiming to improve the lives of people, the thriving of organizations and the maturity of nations by evolving their use of information technology.
— Patrick Cormier

Digital Transformation. Simple. Actionable.


I deeply believe in the empowerment of self, others, organizations and nations.
I create moments of learning by pursuing intellectual clarity and distilling this clarity in the form of simple explanations and actionable frameworks.

I have created this site as an information sharing site mainly for digital transformation executives, policy advisors, advocates and conference organizers.  Over time, I intend to continuously refine a Digital Transformation Map and to keep it published on this site

All content on this site is freely re-usable and subject to a CC BY-ND licence


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Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by digital transformation? Do you feel digitally disrupted?
Are you excited by new digital possibilities?
How can you be part of the transformation?

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about me

For 25+ years I have been fascinated with information and with the empowerment that information creates.
We now live in times of digital transformation and even digital disruption. What will the next 25 years bring?

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